How It Works

ElimiShield® now offers the industry’s first , direct-to-skin scent control with its CoreTM Body Foam, utilizing a proprietary nanotechnology. ElimiShield® HUNT Core™ Body Foam is designed to be used before going out into the field, providing all-day protection with a single application. ElimiShield® HUNT Core™ Body Foam is powerful, yet is gentle on skin with an alcohol-free formula.

Step: A

ElimiShield® HUNT Core™ Body Foam and ElimiShield® HUNT Hair & Body Wash address the primary source of successful scent control – human body odor.

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Step: B

ElimiShield® HUNT Laundry Detergent is a highly concentrated formulation designed to remove odor, blood, grease, grime, and other stains.

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Step: C

ElimiShield® HUNT Scent Elimination Spray eliminates odors on base & outer layers and hunting gear that cannot go into the washing machine.

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Step: D

ElimiShield® HUNT X10D is a permanent treatment for textiles that prevents the formation of human body odors.

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For the best results in the field, ElimiShield® recommends using all products in the ElimiShield HUNT odor elimination system developed specifically for hunters.

ElimiShield® HUNT Laundry Detergent For Hunters
Available in 24oz size

ElimiShield® HUNT Core™ Body Foam For Hunters
Available in 7oz size

ElimiShield® HUNT Hair & Body Wash For Hunters
Available in 16oz size

ElimiShield® HUNT Scent Elimination Spray For Hunters
Available in 23oz size

ElimiShield® HUNT X10D Infuse For Hunters
Available in 10oz size